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How to run a Product advertisement on PanelPlace.com marketplace

Advertiser first needs to have a self-serve Advertiser Account on https://ads.panelplace.com 

Once the Company Profile & Account information is updated in the Ad Account, advertiser is able to start creating product ads for their digital products and services in their Ad Account.


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The steps to list a product ad on the marketplace are:

Step 1. Create a Brand name

A Brand name is where the products/services belong to. A company can own multiple brands.

The Brand name does not display on the product page itself but it is used to group the products in the Ads Account. For example, Nike, Microsoft, Apple etc. are the brand of various products.

Step 2. Create a Product page

A name represents the product name to be displayed to the user or customer. Multiple products can be created under a Brand for multiple purposes such as:

  • Different localized product names in different country
  • Different models
  • Different variants
  • Different promotions

For example, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office Home Edition etc. can be the different product names grouped under the same Brand.

Here are some tips for creating a good product page: How to create a good product page

Step 3. Create an advertising Campaign

An advertising campaign is used for setting the budget, bid price and displaying the product on the marketplace.

  •  Monthly Budget
    Budget is set monthly and once it is committed for the month, it cannot be reduced within the same month but can be increased anytime during the month. The last updated budget will be automatically set as the budget for next month and the campaign will be auto-renewed on the 1st day of the following month. If the budget for next month need to be changed, advertiser can pre-scheduled next month budget in advance or stop the campaign for the coming month.

  • Bid price
    Bid price is the price the campaign is bidding for the product's exposure on the marketplace. There are two type of bid prices, depends on what type of campaign you would like to run:

    Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bid price
    This is the easiest way to leverage on the marketplace and no technical requirement is needed. The campaign will be charged at the bid price each time an unique user click a link within your product page to visit your landing page or connect to your API.

    Target Cost Per Lead (CPL) bid price
    This is the target CPL bid price set for each conversion under Enhanced CPL campaign. The campaign will compete against other campaigns using this bid price on the marketplace and gain initial traction quicker. The Enhanced CPL campaign will be charged based on [# of conversions x CPL bid price] by default, and fallback to charge on [Sum of respective CPC] if it is higher.

    Higher the bid price, higher the exposure and click-though volume it will potentially gain, which lead to more conversions for the advertiser. A bid price that has been committed for the month cannot be reduced but can be increased anytime during the month. A bid price can be lowered in the coming month through the campaign scheduler.

  • Destination URL
    Destination URL is where interested candidates will visit after they click on the links or CTA buttons within your product page. For Enhanced CPL campaign, the [transaction_id] tag must be included in the URL for conversion tracking purposes.

Step 4. Complete Conversion Tracking Test (For Enhanced CPL campaign)

After setting up the conversion tracking code in your system, you could simulate a conversion through a test link provided within the campaign's detail page to verify if the conversion tracking is setup properly. The test link could be found on the Conversion Tracking tab. Making sure the conversion tracking works properly to get the best value out of your campaign through the target CPL price you desire.

Read more: How to setup PanelPlace conversion tracking & How to do conversion tracking test

Step 5. Submit Campaign for approval

A new campaign will be under Pending status while awaiting to be reviewed by PanelPlace. The campaign will also be paused and put under Pending status if there is any changes to the destination URL or the product page's content. Campaign will be approved in 3 business days if there isn't any issue. Once the campaign has been approved, it will start bidding on the marketplace to promote the product.

Note: A product can have multiple campaigns running at the same time with different budget and bid price. For example, a campaign can set a lower budget and lower bid price to test a new landing page while another campaign running concurrently with a higher budget and bid price to leverage on a high conversion rate landing page to push more conversions.




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