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How to create a good product page

A well written product page not only help targeted users and customers understand about the product background, its benefits and the opportunities it offers, it also arouse user's interest in checking out your product on your website, and eventually become your customer.

Below are some tips to write a good product page:

1. Product name
This is the product name that appear on your product page. Use a name that clearly mention your brand and the distinctive product name for your targeted market. For example, use "Microsoft Office 365" rather than "Cloudbase office software".

You could also localize the product name with the local language of your target market.

2. Product logo or brand logo
Use a high quality, preferably transparent background image for your product logo. A good logo image indicate good quality, credibility and reliability of your product and service.

3. Product value proposition
This is a very important information that potential customers will first see when they come across your product. It highlights the attractive opportunity your product offers, in order to capture their attention.

Limit it within 300 characters so that it is easy and quick to read. Try to start the value proposition with a Verb so that it is action oriented and it will sound like an opportunity not to be missed. For example: "Earn money teaching online and share your passion with members around the world. Top earning teachers make $100,000+ each year!"

4. Product quick overview
This content is primarily to give user a quick overview about the product and/or how the product works. You could also include short description about the brand or the company as complementary information to enhance the credibility of the product.

5. Product opportunity overview
This content convey a more detailed information about the benefits and opportunities offered by your product to the customers. You could point out your product features and how each feature benefits the customer, or how much users can earn, or how much users can save etc. This content should be strongly benefit oriented.

In addition to the product's benefits, you could also include limited time promotion information to encourage potential customers to take action.

6. Reward Types (optional)
If your product offers rewards or incentives to the users, you could select what rewards types the user may receive. A respective icon for the rewards type will appear on your product page.

7. Product category
This is the category your product will be listed in on the marketplace. Select an appropriate category helps users find and discover your product more easily and thus helps your product page gain more exposure.

8. Product page creative
Include a YouTube video about your product or brand; or showing some banners and images of your product not only make your product page more interesting, it could also increase the user engagement rate substantially.

Creating a good product page is essential to your success on the marketplace. A good product page could help creating awareness for your product and creating a good brand image among the targeted customers.

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