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How to do Conversion Tracking Test for campaign?

Following are the steps to complete a Conversion Tracking Test for a campaign:

1. Go to the campaign's detail page

2. Go to the Conversion Tracking tab within the campaign detail page. There will be a dedicated test link for the campaign that you can use for the conversion tracking test. The test link can be used multiple times to do the test until the test is successful.

3. When visiting the test link, it will bring you to the Landing Page URL that you've defined for the campaign. Go through the actions that will trigger the PanelPlace conversion tracking code that you've already implemented in your website or system.

4. Once the tracking code is triggered successfully with a test transaction_id value that was embeded with the test link, the Conversion Tracking Test for the campaign will appear as verified.

Note: Whenever the Landing Page URL for the campaign is updated, the Conversion Tracking Test will need to be verified again.

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