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How to advertise on PanelPlace.com to promote my digital products or services?

You could follow the steps below to create a free self-serve advertising account:

1. Visit https://ads.panelplace.com

2. Click on [Sign Up] button on the top menu to set up a new advertising account.


3. Fill in the Sign Up form to create a free account. This email address will be used as the Super Admin account for the company.


4. After submitted the form, a verification code will be sent to the email address used to create the account. Please fill in the verification code to activate the account.

If you did not receive the verification email, please check your SPAM folder or click Resend to try again. Do not exit this page before your account is verified as you'll not be able to return to this page.


5. Once your account is activated and login for the first time, please update your account information to keep it secure.


6. Click on the Payment Method's 'Manage' hyperlink to add a Payment Method for your account so you can run ads.


7. You could also grant access to additional users in your company by sending them an invitation. Click on the 'Manage User Accounts' hyperlink on your Account page to manage your users.


Click on the '+ Invite User' hyperlink to send an invitation to new user with their respective role.


Super Admin: Owner of the advertising account and has permission to all functionalities. 
Admin: Has permission to all functionalities in the account except disable the Super Admin user.
User: Has permission only to Add/Edit ads and campaigns.
Read-only User: Has permission only to view ads and campaigns but cannot edit.

8. Once the account is set up, you could start creating product ad to promote your digital product or service.

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