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Get better result on your advertising budget with Bid Optimizer

On PanelPlace.com, people search for opportunities and digital products throughout the day. For desktop engagement, it peaks at the beginning of the week and gradually slowing down as the weekend approaches. On mobile, engagement is more constant and more than 50% of product engagement are through mobile devices.

Bid Optimizer is an algorithm that helps Premium Hybrid campaign bid on the optimal level. It optimizes the product's exposure and click-through, meaning you’ll get better results with Premium Hybrid campaign than conventional CPC or CPL campaign on our marketplace.

How Bid Optimizer works

Bid Optimizer works by adjusting the Respective Cost-Per-Click (rCPC - the amount you want to spend for each potential customer click). Bid Optimizer bases your bid on the product type, market, competition, campaign performance, your monthly budget and the number of days left in the month. This enables the campaign to bid at the amount needed to attract the desired number of engagement but without exceeding your budget.

Bid Optimizer is available for any Premium Hybrid campaign on PanelPlace.com. The monthly budget setting ensures that campaign doesn’t receive too many clicks or exceed the allocated advertising budget.

Automating your bid with Premium Hybrid campaign gives you the better result on your advertising budget and frees up your time to focus on other marketing activity. Most importantly, you’ll be able to get more engagement from targeted customers and users — which helps to increase awareness, revenue and more engaging user base.

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