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Why am I receiving lower traffics than usual for my product?

Online transactions have increased tremendously due to turbulent times over the past few years and with more advertisers moving their businesses online resulting in a record number of opportunities listed on PanelPlace.com.

These record numbers have resulted in a sharp increase in competition for customer's attention, resulting in fewer click-throughs for some products. Also, customers appear to be more cautious, so along with a strong demand for customers, it’s stretching the available supply.

What can I do to fine-tune my product page?

Your product is not only visible on our website, it may also be included in targeted emails to over 3 million community members a month, so it makes sense to review your product if you’re receiving less traffics.

Follow these steps to help make your product more relevant:

  • Use a value proposition/opportunity statement that is clear and concise, i.e. think about what a potential customer will search for.
  • Include a credible and enticing product overview and benefit description. Find out how to do that here.
  • Include a short YouTube video that introduces your product - products that include creatives (YouTube video or banners) on average receive more click-throughs than products that don't.
  • Review and reply to user's feedback - products that show product owner valuing user's feedback on average receive higher click-through rate and higher conversion rate because it increase user's confidence.
  • Review and update the product page to ensure its content is up-to-date and accurate to attract potential customers to visit your website.

What can I do to increase my product exposure?

  • Increase the product's campaign bid price and budget to help improving its listing ranking - although bid price and budget are not the only factors affecting the ranking, they do have short-term influence with an increase of competitiveness.
  • Utilize Special Placement to boost up short-term exposure to fuel more data to marketplace algorithm for long term optimization. Find out more about Special Placement here.


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