Influencing the world with Language

I wish in little words only I could express what I have discovered, the passion that was born in my heart for English and French was by a divine encounter, and even as I share this divine encounter with you, resume in a sentence alone, let it produce in you same meaning and same passion. In 2009, the Lord said to me and I quote: "you cannot be a fully deployed king and Priest without the mastery of English and French" That was it, Let me break it down you cannot be a world citizen without the mastery of English and French, thank God English is the first language of the world. After deep reading and méditation, I came out with this understanding in french expression:
La connaissance se cache derrière les mots, phrases et expressions. La vérité est véhiculée dans les langues. That is to say knowledge is hidden behind words, sentenses and expression, knowledge is transferred through language. The question is what languages do you have the mastery, as to influence your story and life, and become positive history makers to your Generation. I spend the past years that I have studied, been educated, not just to have a Baccalaureat that is GCE in french, or a diploma in Theology, or a degree in international relations, or a degree in french, I discovered that I have something more powerful that the paper I obtained, I have the language, in education language is everything, access to language gives you access to unlimited depth of knowledge though in that language, French language is a mirror to hidden minds of philosophers, René Descartes, Abert Einstein, Rousseau. Just to name few...
French is a love language and if you read 1Cor 13:13 they are three that remain, love hope and faith but the the greatest is Love, if french is a love language then it makes it more complex because love is the greatest. But is also one the languages that pour in your life the aroma and love of literature, the studying of the language itself is an academic boast to whatever you do, try and test it yourself,
The first sentence you must not just learn but make body with while approching any language and french in particular is I love french, j'aime la langue française. And before you realise what is behind that love, with much studying, reading, listening and writing, you will start speaking French. French is a love language, let love lead you as you study french. I love you all.


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