Read Me Before Voting, Posting, Following and Commenting!

Hi Everyone and Welcome to our New Wishlist area!

This place will be where you post, vote and comment on any suggestions given by any member of our PanelPlace Community!

Why? Because we would like to know what you would like to see most at PanelPlace and the highest voted post will be issued to our team :)

To that, here are a few reminders and notes for you:


- Post any requests relating to us. To make it easier, what features do you want to see on our site?

- Posts that are not related (including advertisements) to any suggestions will be deleted by us

- Be aware that your post might be received, do check the progress of your issue :)



- Upvote or downvote the idea (or posts) you’ve agree or disagree on!

- Note that the most voted post will have a high chance of being delivered. 



- Remember to be respectful towards one another

- Any commercialized, inappropriate, offensive and unrelated comments will be deleted

- You could help answer other member’s post too! 



- Follow our wishlist page and the posts you've supported to get more updates! 


Go ahead and click here to understand how this feature works!


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