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Tips for Writing Reviews

Consider these tips for writing a helpful review:

Be specific. Explain how you have benefited from using the product or service, be specific. Give clear examples of specific experiences - the more details, the better. Instead of just saying that you like/dislike the product or it is a user-friendly/good/bad product, explain why. What features do you love or why you don't like it?

Be readable. Reviews need to be readable for others. Use proper grammar, avoid excessive capitalization or punctuation, and be sure to check your spelling.

Be objective. Try to highlight both positives and negatives in your review, even if your experience skews heavily in one direction.

Be recent. The best reviews are those written about current experience, and within a year of use.

Be relevant. While we provide an open forum, please ensure your review is useful to other community users. Avoid off-topic comment or personal opinions not relevant to your direct experience using the product or service.

Be sure to follow these guidelines when leaving a review:

Be yourself. Don't post as, or pretend to be, someone else, and do not say you're associated with a person or organization with which you are not. Use your real name, email address, and profile photo with us so we can verify your identity.

Be honest & specific. Share your real experience with the product or service after using it. Be specific, don't just say it is a good/bad product, say why, give your reason. Don't try to boost or lower the ratings of a brand or abuse the system.

Don't review your own product, or a competitor's. We don't allow merchants to review their own products or the products of their competitors.

Don't promote your own product or service in your review. We don't allow users to promote their own products or services in the review or the social proof that they upload.

Don't write abusive, hateful, threatening, or harassing content. Avoid personal threats, hate speech, obscenities, or inflammatory language.

Don't include personal information. Don't post information that compromise your or another individual's privacy, such as email address, contact number, address, social security number etc.

Keep your focus on the product. Don't promote or belittle other products or brands in a review. Don't write a product description. Keep your comments focused on the experience you had with the product you are reviewing.

Why might my review be removed?
The most common reason a review is not published is due to not following the guidelines mentioned above and the inability to verify identity, so be sure to provide relevant information and login to your PanelPlace account before posting. Don't copy other people's review or spam, if we determine a review violates our publishing guidelines, we may not publish the review.

You can refer to our Guidelines and Policy here.


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