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Refer-A-Friend Programme Terms & Conditions

For selected countries, you'll be awarded an allowance for every qualified new member who joins PanelPlace using your referral link!

A "Qualified Referral” refers to the status of your referral after completion of the following in sequence:
(i) sign up via your unique referral link.
(ii) verify their account with a proper profile image.
(iii) make a successful transaction, purchase or signup (selected products) engagement with a product or service within 30 days after joining PanelPlace.
(iv) has his/her transaction or purchase confirmed and verified by merchant.
It is only upon completion of all of the above that a referral will be considered "qualified".

For more detail on each point above:
i.i) Your referral must sign up via your dedicated referral link and not be overridden by another referral link. The last referrer link clicked will get the bonus.
ii.i) Your referral's email address must be legitimate and genuine, any fraud or creating multiple accounts will cause your referral invalid.
iii.i) Referral's purchase or signup engagement must be a legitimate transaction that is successfully tracked in the system.
iii.ii) Transactions that have been cancelled, refunded, exchanged or rejected by the merchants will not be eligible as a successful engagement. Any allowance that has been deposited into your account will be reverted for such transactions.
iii.iii) The following brands are excluded from the qualifying engagement: Freelancer, Fiveer, deliveroo, Pintu, moneysense, Pollinate, Huobi, TED. PanelPlace reserves the right to amend the list.
iii.iv) Your allowance will be tracked when your referral signs up. Your allowance will be credited into your PanelPlace Allowance Wallet only when your referral meets the requirement as a "Qualified Referral".

The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that are not permitted and that will disqualify you from earning referral allowance:
(i) self-referral
(ii) spam others with your referral link on any public Facebook or forum page
(iii) disguise your referral link as a generic link and mislead others to click on it
(iv) incentivize others to sign up through your referral link
(v) any fraud activity determined by PanelPlace in its sole discretion to be inconsistent with the purpose and goodwill of PanelPlace's Refer-A-Friend Programme.

PanelPlace reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to amend the terms and conditions as necessary, as well as to disqualify any referral at any point of time. Any infringement of the above terms and conditions would result in the loss of all allowance. Repeat offences would result in the closure of your PanelPlace account.

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