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What performance can advertiser expect from special placement?

Performance metrics for special placement such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and/or the pageviews and/or conversion rate vary a lot depends on the product description, product type and target markets, so there isn’t an average to be based on. This is due to:

1. Product type
B2C products tend get more views and click-throughs on the marketplace compare to paid B2B product. There are just a few product categories for B2B products while there are more than 40 categories for B2C products. The conversion rate (sign-up/purchase/subscribe) to the product also varies a lot subject to the landing page and the product itself.

2. Product description
The CTR is based on the user’s click on the CTA button on the product ad. User will not click on the CTA button to visit the landing page if the product doesn’t interest the user. As each product is different, the CTR is also very different. For example, a B2C product that offer cashback gets higher CTR compare to a product that needs to pay.

3. Target markets
Some digital products are targeting at worldwide users while some are targeting at specific markets only. Therefore, it directly impacts the view counts of the placement.

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