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How to interpret your ad status

The ad is approved and ready to go Live if it has an Active status campaign.

The ad is still work-in-progress and has not been submitted for review.

The ad is under review in order to maintain the quality of products and prevent spamming on our marketplace, and to make sure that it complies with PanelPlace's Advertising Policies. Following this review, your ad will become active and your product ad will begin running if it has an Active status campaign.

The ad is no longer being used and has been disabled from the marketplace.

The ad can't run because it doesn't comply with PanelPlace's Advertising Policies. Possible reasons could be due to:

  • Company profile is not completed.
  • Duplicate ads in multiple categories.
  • Improper language and content.
  • Misleading content.
  • Misused of copyrighted content.
  • Misused of 3rd party content to promote the brand or product.
  • Product description or Opportunity description is too brief to give users meaningful information. 
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