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When is a Negative Review Against PanelPlace Policy?

Occasionally, users may express themselves in a way that undermines the integrity of the review system. If such a review is flagged, it will be removed immediately as it clearly falls under one of the following categories.

Reviews unrelated to the user's experience dealing with the brand

Examples of reviews that PanelPlace will NOT remove:

  • The brand is constantly trying to sell different stuffs not related to their products to me
  • The brand's support team did not reply to my support tickets

Examples of reviews that PanelPlace WILL remove:

  • I dislike this brand because of the design of their logo
  • I once heard someone had a bad experience dealing with this brand
  • You’re asking me for a review too early

Reviews focusing on technical issues outside the brand’s control

Examples of reviews which PanelPlace will NOT remove:

  • I can’t open the downloadable app/software on my Macbook
  • The link in the email is always not clickable and I can’t do the survey
  • This application is not made to be compatible on mobile
  • Some of the video course don’t play or have broken links

Examples of reviews which PanelPlace WILL remove:

  • The download speed is too slow (due to internet speeds)
  • Transferring of files from my mobile phone to my PC has been painful
  • The videos do not play well on my High Definition 4k TV

Reviews deemed obscene, profane, threatening, or hate speech

Examples of reviews PanelPlace will NOT remove:

  • I can’t understand how this product works, it doesn't have clear instruction
  • I can’t stand the app keep crashing on my phone; it is so annoying
  • The courses offered here are worse than going to Youtube

Examples of reviews PanelPlace WILL remove:

  • I can never understand services offered by people of this background/country/race
  • This product is f**king bullsh*t
  • This developer should just go and die

Reviews from parties with a demonstrated conflict of interest

Examples of reviewers PanelPlace does NOT consider in conflict:

  • A user with previous experience with the brand or product

Examples of reviewers PanelPlace does consider in conflict:

  • An entity or individual who offers a competing services
  • With recorded history of harassment or abuse elsewhere online



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