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PanelPlace Rating & Review System (Guidelines)

The primary purpose of this feature on PanelPlace is to assist prospective users in evaluating if an opportunity is a match to their interest. Our review system empowers users to look for and engage the product(s) or service(s) which suits their needs the most. Written reviews posted also provide our partnering brands with direct feedback, which can help them to improve their products.

In order for our system to be effective, users are to trust the impartiality of the system and the neutrality of PanelPlace. Brands are allowed to flag inappropriate reviews, but those will only be removed by PanelPlace if they meet the unbiased criteria as specified below:


PanelPlace will remove reviews in these scenarios:

1. Reviews removed through (Spam) Review Filter

If a review, alongside with the behavior of the reviewer, scores high in our algorithm as potential spam, the review will not appear. PanelPlace scans all user ratings and reviews to identify those that are potentially inauthentic. We aim to ensure that our feedback posted reflects objective opinions of users, with their genuine interests in the products.

If you believe that a review has been removed improperly, do inform us through our Helpdesk system. While we are unable to provide any details about the filter, we will investigate the issues highlighted to guarantee that everything is working as intended.


2. Negative reviews reported as policy abuse

Anyone on PanelPlace has the authority to report a review as an abuse of PanelPlace’s policy. Our support team will then examine if the review fits any of our criteria, in any cases, that warrants removal. Learn more about when a negative review is against policy here.



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