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Why do I need to upload my earning proofs?

After uploading your earning proofs, you will be able to track your earnings within your account. (check out 'Dashboard', 'My Panels' and 'Earning Proofs' page to see how your earnings will be reflected).
It is optional for your earnings to be published. Simply indicate in the comment box when you upload your proofs.

The reason for earning proofs to be published is for the new users in the market research survey-taking community. It is a testimonial of the market research companies that they really do pay their members and this could serve as a credible references for the new users when they first started doing Paid Surveys. At PanelPlace, we are continuously improving our platform to help the community to be better and allow more people to know the opportunities of earning from doing Paid Surveys.

However, we encourage our member to contribute to the community as much as possible by sharing their experience with others users. Sharing of earning proofs is a credible way to do so as it is done by actual survey-takers and not by us or any of the survey companies.

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