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How do I upload a social proof?

Social proofs on PanelPlace.com are all crowd-sourced from our beloved community users.

To upload a social proof:

  1. Take a screenshot or take a photo of how you've benefited from the opportunities offered by the product.
  2. Login to your PanelPlace.com account and visit History tab to find a product that you've tried, click on "Rate This" to give a rating and review for the product.
  3. After giving your rating and review for the product, upload the screenshot or the photo taken earlier as a proof of your review.
  4. If you have already rated and given a review for a product, you could find your review and click on the "Upload Proofs" link to upload your social proof.

Good and credible social proofs will be published on our website to help the community to make better decisions on which product to try!

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