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How can I have more survey panel's in my list?

There may be several reasons on why you do not have lots of panels in your account.

  1. We recommend survey panels according to your profile information as survey panels are interested in members with a certain demographic. So do keep your profile and advance profile updated.
  2. Survey panels have closed their registration for the moment.
  3. All recommended survey panels have to go through our evaluation to make sure they are credible and legitimate. We have to ensure that they will really pay their members. Before, passing our evaluation, survey panels will not be featured in PanelPlace.
  4. As stated in (3) above, the evaluation does take time. So it may take a while for us to approve and recommend them to our members.
  5. There may be new survey panels out there that we have not found out yet. So if you have found any good survey panel available in your country, we encourage you to inform us at so we could include it in PanelPlace.
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