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Guide on joining Opportunities with PanelPlace

With PanelPlace, we show you opportunities that bring you benefits so you don’t need to worry about scam or spam anymore. In addition, PanelPlace continuously searches new and genuine opportunities for you so that it saves up your time for doing due diligence. You could also make use of PanelPlace to keep track of your opportunities, no more worries on missing out potential opportunities.

Follow the steps below to get started with PanelPlace:

Step 1 : Register with PanelPlace by submitting your Email & Country.

Step 2 : Check your inbox (or Spam/Junk folder) for the welcome email.

Step 3 : Click on the link in the email to confirm and activate your account.

Step 4 : Update your profile, ensure that they are accurate, so that we could recommend you the list of opportunities that are most relevant to you.

Step 5 : Access the opportunities list by clicking on My Opportunities tab in the menu bar.

Step 6 : Follow the Tips on top of the My Opportunities page to manage your opportunities.

Step 7 : Login to PanelPlace frequently to check on latest updates to your account.

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