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Why should I join PanelPlace instead of individual Survey Panels?

1. Connect

PanelPlace helps you to identify the better online survey panels.
Most people do paid surveys as a "part time job", something that they can work from home during their free time (e.g. after school, after work, between housework etc.). So we believe it is kind of time consuming for them to always search for new online paid survey panels and do their due diligence on which online survey panels are reliable and really pay.
Since our Company has been working with many of the online survey panels in market research projects, we know the online survey panels that really reward respondents for their opinion. We have met and worked with these survey panels through market research conferences, office visiting and other online/offline channels.

2. Evaluate

PanelPlace doesn't have the longest list of online survey panels but we have the ones that pay.
On top of the market research associations that these online survey panels are associated with, PanelPlace also consider the internal market research projects working experience, online users' feedbacks and the advice from our contacts within the market research industry to evaluate an online survey panel.
PanelPlace also gathers the earning proofs of the various online survey panels to give further confidence to our members. Members are welcomed to give us feedback on certain survey panels for us to re-evaluate them or include the new, good survey panels into PanelPlace.

3. Share

PanelPlace wants to maximize your survey earnings.
PanelPlace shares with members the online survey panels that we have evaluated through an exclusive member account. We are also the world's 1st portal dedicated to help our members keep track of the online survey panels that they've joined and keep them informed of those that they have not joined. This way, our members will not miss out on any paid surveys opportunities.

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