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How does PanelPlace work?

PanelPlace.com is an online marketplace that helps you find and discover digital products and services that can bring benefits and opportunities to you. Benefits and opportunities come in different forms, it could be an opportunity to earn extra money, an online course to upgrade your skill or a free trial to watch movies online, and more.

The benefits and opportunities are offered directly by the digital products. You will need to use/engage with the product so that you can start to enjoy its benefits in their own way. 

For example, if you engage with a market research community product, they will invite you to complete their surveys in exchange for points. You can then use these points to redeem various rewards such as PayPal cash, cheque, vouchers, coupon codes etc. For Job Portals or Freelancer sites, they will start recommending suitable jobs for you. This can save your time from searching for the right job as it comes to you instead. For online courses with education sites, if you have completed a course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion while gaining more skills.

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