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Is it okay to manipulate the answers for a surveys?

After taking surveys on a regular basis, some respondents may start to learn what kind of answers will get them screened out of a survey. At this point, it may become very tempting to manipulate one’s answers for the sake of qualifying for more surveys. But don’t let greed cloud your mind, unless jeopardising your account and whatever rewards you’ve accumulated is your objective. Many survey panels, if not all, are very strict about this.

When a respondent has signed up with a survey panel and agreed to their terms of use, they are expected to answer surveys in all honesty. Therefore, the company reserves the right to terminate a respondent’s account and suspend all earned rewards if he/she is found to be falsely answering surveys.

Honesty goes a long way. If a respondent commits to giving genuine answers, paid surveys may become a reliable source of extra income for the long term, so resist the urge!

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