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When can I cashout rewards from survey companies?

Many people begin with the misconception that they just need to fill up a couple of surveys and the very next day, some extra money will appear in their bank account. However, that’s pretty far from the truth. Getting paid from survey panels usually involves some waiting, so patience is key here.

Minimum Threshold

Most survey panels have a minimum threshold of a certain number of surveys or cash amount you must accumulate, in order to process your rewards. In the survey world, this is referred to as the “cashout amount”. When considering which survey panels to join, a low cashout amount isn’t always the best thing to look for. It simply means that you have a lower threshold to meet, but doesn’t translate to receiving the rewards faster. That still depends on whether the panel has surveys available for you, amongst other factors.

Payment Modes After Cashout

After you’ve reached the minimum threshold, you can request for a cashout in vouchers, giftcards, cash and other forms of rewards, depending on the survey panel. For cash payout specifically, the 2 common payment methods are through PayPal or cheque. Processing through PayPal should take a short while, if not instantaneous. As for the cheque option, it can take up to 6 weeks to reach you after factoring in mailing time.

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