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Tip 2: A Completed Profile Gets You More Surveys

After you have registered with a survey panel and filled up a basic profile, you’ll be met with an option to complete a detailed personal profile right away, or leave it for later. You can choose to skip it first, but do remember to come back when you’re free and complete it. Sure, the process can be tedious. But trust us, the long-term benefits are well worth your time and effort. A detailed profile helps panels better target survey invitations to suit your specific strengths, demographics, and habits, minimising the possibility that you’ll be screened out of invited surveys.

In short, a completed detailed profile allows you to qualify for more surveys and earn more rewards.

How Panels Decide What Surveys To Send You

There are generally two ways panels send out survey invitations. The first is basically blind firing - all available surveys are blasted out, and respondents are subsequently screened out if they do not fulfill the criteria. The second method works much better for both the survey panel and you but would require a completed detailed profile. In this scenario, the surveys you receive have been specially matched to you based on your detailed profile - that means you’re more likely to qualify for them!

Not Receiving Or Qualifying For Surveys?

If you’re getting screened out on a frequent basis, that could be due to a lack of sufficient profile information, so survey panels blindly send you invitations hoping that you’ll qualify for some. This may be the same reason why you’re not getting enough surveys. The survey panel may have sent the bulk of available surveys to profiled members, considering them as more active in responding to surveys.

To put it simply, if you want to earn money through paid surveys, you need to complete the detailed profile. Yes, it’s a chore, but we can’t stress enough the importance of this in the long run. If you’re lucky, some panels you join may offer a bonus upon completion of the detailed profile.

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