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Tip 1: Understand How Your Survey Panel Works

Joining a new survey can be fun and exciting. That’s especially true when you see rewards accumulating over time. However, try not to get too carried away with excitement. To avoid frustration in the long run - especially when payment is concerned - you should set aside some time to find out how your survey panels work.  

When To Expect Rewards

Survey panels vary in the way they pay their survey respondents. Some pay you immediately after you’ve received enough credits, while others may take a longer processing period for the mailing of cheques etc. Familiarizing yourself with the different reward systems of your panels will help you set reasonable expectations, and not suffer from unnecessary disappointment.

Avoid Accidentally Breaking The Rules

Looking through your panel's’ “Terms of Use” or “Terms & Conditions” is just as, if not more important. To avoid potential problems, you have to fully understand what you can, and cannot do as a user of their website. For instance, it's common for a panel to prohibit the creation of multiple accounts by a single individual. Failure to abide by that rule, and you may find your rewards forfeited and account terminated. Some panels will require you to log in regularly or respond to surveys, in order to maintain your account status as active.

The earning opportunities from paid surveys are endless, but be sure to know how you will be paid, when you will be paid, and the actions needed to maintain a good record with your panels.

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