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Tip 3: Check Your Emails Daily, Be Active And Act Fast!

If you’re looking to increase your paid survey earnings, you’ll need to adopt the habit of checking your email inbox every single day. The most common channel survey panels use to reach their members for survey invites is usually via email. Needless to say, you’ll definitely want to check in frequently.

Some may argue that most panels display available surveys directly on their website, so you don't necessarily need to check your email. Yes, that is a valid point. However, emails often include exclusive offers from survey panels, such as increased rewards for certain surveys, or notification of a new promotion. These are bonus rewards that you won’t want to miss.

Another thing to note is that most surveys have quotas, so once a particular quota (eg. 200 male respondents) is filled, the survey will be closed. Therefore, the quicker you react to a survey invitation - especially the high incentive ones - the more likely you’re able to complete it and earn rewards!

All in all, if maximizing paid surveys earnings is on your agenda, you should always aim to have the latest information on hand - and that can be achieved through consistently checking your email!

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