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PanelPlace Community Policies

1. Introduction

1.1. We are committed to building a trusted and reliable platform for our community. The PanelPlace Content Terms of Service, as well as our Community Policy and Community Guidelines (as defined below), ensure that the PanelPlace Platform operates in a safe and orderly manner, with the aim to create a pleasant experience for all Users of PanelPlace Platform and the Services.

1.2. Unless otherwise defined in the Community Policy and Community Guidelines, all capitalized terms adopted herein shall bear the same meaning as set out in PanelPlace Content Terms of Service.

2. Compliance with PanelPlace Content Terms of Service, Community Policy and Guidelines

2.1. All Users of the PanelPlace Platform and/or Services are required to conduct themselves in a manner as set out in PanelPlace Content Terms of Service, as well as PanelPlace Community Policy and the Community Guidelines, (including any amendments thereof) as published by PanelPlace from time to time.

2.2. By accessing and/or using the PanelPlace Platform, you agree to comply with and be bound by PanelPlace Community Policy and Community Guidelines, in addition to being bound by PanelPlace’s Terms of Use, Content Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and all other terms and agreements applicable to your access and use of the PanelPlace Platform and Services (either as an Advertiser or User), all of which are incorporated by reference herein. Please carefully read through each of the foregoing (as each of them may be amended from time to time) and if you do not agree with them, please cease your access to and/or use of PanelPlace Platform and Services.

2.3. We may amend, revise, update or modify the Community Policy and Community Guidelines at any time (“Changes”). Changes will be effective when posted on the PanelPlace Platform with no other notices provided and you are deemed to have agreed to the Changes upon their publication on the Platform. It remains your responsibility to regularly check and be updated on any such Changes and we recommend that you periodically review the most up-to-date versions of the Community Policy. YOUR CONTINUED ACCESS TO AND/OR USE OF PANELPLACE PLATFORM AFTER CHANGES ARE MADE CONSTITUTE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF SUCH CHANGES. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY CHANGES, YOU MUST CEASE YOUR ACCESS TO AND/OR USE OF PANELPLACE PLATFORM.

3.PanelPlace Community Guidelines

3.1. PanelPlace Community Policy sets out the rules of conduct when accessing or using PanelPlace Platform and Services. This policy should be read in conjunction with PanelPlace Community Guidelines (”Community Guidelines”) which provide further guidance on the types of Content that are prohibited under the rules of conduct specified herein. The Community Guidelines can be found here.

4. PanelPlace’s Enforcement Rights

4.1. In the event of any non-compliance with the rules set out in the PanelPlace Community Policy (including Table 1 below) and the Community Guidelines, PanelPlace may take any one or more of the following enforcement actions in its sole discretion without further notice or warning to a User:

- Account restrictions, suspension, or deletion;

- Communication access restrictions;

- Amendment and/or removal of any affected Content or messages;

- Removal of any other features that may be available to the User;

- Suspension or forfeiture of cash-equivalent balance in the User’s account;

- Suspension, cancellation, termination, or reversal of any transaction carried out by the User on the PanelPlace Platform; and/or

Note that we may take enforcement actions for reasons other than violation of PanelPlace’s Community Policy or Community Guidelines – for example, due to violation of any other Policies applicable to your access or use of PanelPlace Platform or Services, due to privacy complaint or a court order etc.

These rules and enforcement actions are non-exhaustive and PanelPlace reserves the right to take any other enforcement action and/or to seek any other remedies available to it, including but not limited to the filing of reports with the regulators or law enforcement agencies, if we find any misconduct by any User.

4.2. If you encounter any of the situations described in Table 1, please report the errant User or Content via the respective engagement channels (e.g. Ratings & Reviews, Chat, any interactive UGC (as defined in the PanelPlace Content Terms of Service) channel or tab that is accessible on or through PanelPlace Platform from time to time etc).

5. Community Policies

All Users shall comply with the following rules when accessing or using the PanelPlace Platform and/or Services:

Respectful Engagement

1. Maintain professionalism and ensure that all conversations and engagements are conducted in a polite and respectful manner (both verbal and physical).

Do not use any language that may be inappropriate, such as languages that are abusive or threatening in nature (e.g. profanities, obscenities, or hate speech) in all forms of communication. For example, maintain professionalism under all circumstances and do not use any inappropriate language in addressing poor reviews submitted by Users. Where Content by another User might be offensive or defamatory to you, you should refrain from engaging in any verbal attacks or engagement, and report the User via the respective engagement channels.

2. Do not post or share Content in any form that is libellous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, discriminatory or inflammatory in nature.

3. Do not post or share sexual content in any form such as nudity and sexually explicit images or descriptions (including those involving minor, adult or otherwise). This is to respect the sensitivities of Users within the PanelPlace Community. While PanelPlace may allow certain sex and sensuality products as well as products containing sexual content to be listed, we encourage Users to express their opinions about such products only through product reviews.

4. Do not post or share Content that is gruesome or violent in nature, or which promotes, encourages, coordinates, or provides instructions for violence or harm against people, animals, and/or property, suicide, and self-injury.

For example, do not post or share Content of humans and animals that depict graphic death, accident, injury, cruelty, physical violence, fighting, or torture. Statements of intent to commit or advocate for violence should also not be posted.

5. Do not post any Content depicting, promoting, advocating for, or encouraging participation in a high-risk viral challenge or acts.

Data Protection

1. Do not send spam messages via any communication channel within or outside of the PanelPlace Platform.

2. Do not post promotional messages, irrelevant information, URLs, apps, QR codes, or any other Content that does not relate to PanelPlace on the PanelPlace Platform.

3. Do not attempt to drown out other Users’ opinions, including posting from multiple accounts or coordinating with other Users to perform such activities.

4. Do not post Content containing software viruses, malware, or other harmful codes.

5. Do not develop, support, or use software, equipment, scripts, automated programmes, or any other method or process (including crawlers, browser plug-ins and add-ons, or any other technology) to perform "service" data collection or to copy professional files in the "service", etc.

6. Do not use automated procedures (i.e. "bots") or other automated methods to access the Services, add or download contacts, send or redirect information.

7. Do not request for, post, disclose, trade or exchange any personal, financial or sensitive data of any individual within or out of the PanelPlace Platform, or use the information available on PanelPlace’s Platform in a manner that is not authorized by PanelPlace’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

8. Do not post content relating to or promoting vice or illegal activities, organized crime, unlawful gambling, moneylending, cheating, or fraud.

Safety and Compliance

1. Do not post any prohibited Content that is in violation of the law, regulations and/or governmental requirements.

2. Do not post any Content threatening, depicting, promoting, advocating for, or encouraging participation in acts will cause real world harm to others.

3. Do not post any Content or interact with other PanelPlace Users in a manner that infringes the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others. Only post Content that you own, or Content that you have permission to use.

4. Do not post any Content that encourages or supports behavior that is illegal, including but not limited to, violence, fraud, illegal drug use, underage drinking, or child or animal abuse.

5. Do not collude with other parties to defraud PanelPlace and/or others.

6. Do not post Content offering fraudulent goods, services, schemes, or promotions (e.g., makemoney-fast schemes, pyramid schemes); or Content suggesting false lucky draws or winning information.

7. Do not post false Content, advertisement, reviews, user feedback or engage in fraudulent behavior either to benefit your own sales and/or to negatively affect others.

Social Responsibility

1. Do not post false advertisement to entice Users to click your post or product page.

2. Be real. Do not impersonate other people or organization or pretend to be someone else. Do not post false advertisement or misrepresent information relating to your products and services.

3. Do not post Content that is intentionally made to mislead Users into thinking it is an official PanelPlace event or PanelPlace’s corporate message; Content posted intentionally as sarcasm, relating to self-harm or harm to others; Content that encourages or supports the dangerous misuse of a product; and exaggerated description of product effectiveness.

4. Do not post or share any Content that supports any terrorist organizations or dangerous individuals in any kind of formats (text, image, video, emoji, etc.).

5. Do not post or share any Content that is politically sensitive in any formats (text, image, video, emoji, etc.)

6. Do not post share any Content that obstructs public health measures or which may result in public health risks.

Minor Protection

1. Do not post any Content involving Minors (being any individuals below the legal age as determined by the applicable laws of the country in which you are accessing and/or using PanelPlace Platform) without the prior written consent of such Minor’s parent or legal guardian.

2. Do not post any Content that may threaten the well-being of Minors. For example, Content that: a. depicts sexual activities, sexual assault or obscenity involving Minors;

b. promotes dangerous activities such as physical challenges, dares and stunts;

c. promotes the possession or consumption of substances prohibited for Minors, including but not limited to alcohol;

d. depicts or promotes physical abuse.

3. Do not engage in any inappropriate interactions with Minors. For example:

a. engaging in grooming activities where a person builds an emotional relationship with a Minor with the aim to gain trust and conduct sexual contact, abuse, or any other form of exploitation thereafter;

b. sharing or requesting of inappropriate Content, including but not limited to sexual content and exchanging explicit messages through conversations; and

c. soliciting real-world contact

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