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PanelPlace Affiliate Program – Your Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the PanelPlace Affiliate Program! In this guide you will find all the information you need to get started, optimize and succeed as a PanelPlace affiliate partner. Simply follow the links below to explore each part of the guide.

We have an expert affiliate team who will always be there to support you, just drop us a line at affiliatesupport@panelplace.com whenever you have questions. Now let’s get started!


Getting your tracking link

To track all the new referrals you send to PanelPlace.com, it’s important that you use your affiliate link. Without implementing your affiliate link, we will not be able to track the user referrals you drive to us and as a result you will miss out on referral commission.

Follow these steps to get your link:

  1. Log into your ShareASale account
  2. Go to ‘LINKS’ tab in navigation
  3. Search and select PanelPlace.com as the campaign you wish to get your affiliate link
  4. Simply copy the Merchant default Link or get the HTML code for various Text Links or Banners – You could simply use the default link as it’s just one universal link that lets you refer any type of user from any country in the world.

Enhanced tracking tip: If you would like to add additional tracking value to your affiliate link, for example, to differentiate performance based on placement or to create a unique identifier per referral, you can make use of the "afftrack" parameter to track this value and see it in ShareASale report. For more info, you could refer to this ShareASale blog article.


Understanding tracking and commissions

Conversion window

We track each user that is referred to PanelPlace.com if they click via your unique affiliate link. We pay commission out on any user who is:

– A new account verified user to PanelPlace.com AND who successfully engaged with a product such as make a purchase, sign up for a product, write a review etc.
– You need to be the last introducer of PanelPlace.com to the verified user
– There is a long 90 days window limit. So if a user visited PanelPlace.com and did not convert until 3 months later, you would still be rewarded commission for that referral.

Commission rates

Our standard affiliate commission is a CPL (cost per lead) for any new verified user you refer to PanelPlace.com. They need to verify their account to be a legitimate user and successfully engage with a product for you to receive commission.

Our CPL rates start from US$0.10 to US$10.00 for verified users from different countries.

You can see the different commission for each country by going to PanelPlace.com program page and click on the 'Commission Rates' tab to look at the detail. 

There is scope to review your commission rate once you hit conversion milestones or if you drive a high number of quality users.

Receiving commission payments

Affiliates can choose to get paid by ShareASale through Direct Deposit, Mailed Check or Wire Transfer. The minimum payment threshold is $50. You can raise this to a higher payment trigger amount if you like. This is done from inside the payment settings tab under your account settings.

When Do You Get Paid?

ShareASale payments are sent out on the 20th of every month for the previous month’s commissions. Commissions that an affiliate earns in January, for example, are eligible for payment on February 20th. If the 20th falls on a weekend, payments are sent out on the following Monday.

If Affiliates have any questions pertaining to payment, please contact ShareASale support team and they will be happy to answer any payment questions. You can also find more details on ShareASale Helpdesk.


Program rules and policies

We welcome all partners onto our program and you can use the Affiliate Terms & Conditions to guide your promotional activity.

You will find the full list of rules on our program page, but here are some highlights:

  • We work with most partners, but have a few exceptions which include adult, gambling and controversial sites. Currently we also do not work with deals and coupon/voucher code sites.
  • Partners can promote PanelPlace.com to users all over the world (please check our program details to see which countries are paying commission).
  • Partners cannot bid on PanelPlace brand terms or misspellings on paid search ads. You also cannot automatically redirect users from paid search activity straight through to PanelPlace website. User must land on your affiliate site first before clicking through.
  • We may, in certain circumstances, reverse commissions or earnings in accordance with our Affiliate Program Terms.


How can I promote PanelPlace.com?

According to our Affiliate Program Guidelines, you can promote PanelPlace.com:

  • By writing articles about our website and/or including PanelPlace.com in your other articles, YouTube videos, or on social media.
  • If you have a company, you can also recommend PanelPlace.com to your customers and employees.
  • As we have 90 days cookie window limit, once a user has registered with PanelPlace.com through your tracking link, you will receive commission whenever they convert during this period.

Products you can promote

The main product types on PanelPlace.com marketplace include:

– Market Research Paid Surveys: With hundreds of free market research communities/panels in the world to join and get paid for doing surveys, your users would easily engage with one that interest them.
– International money transfers: With users coming from all around the world, international remittance services would also be useful for various audiences. Reputable remittance services could be up to 7 times cheaper than traditional banks or PayPal.
– Investments: With the flourishing of online trading and investment platforms for stocks, cryptocurrencies, properties and alternative assets, Fintech has made investing much more accessible for users all over the world.
– Online learning: With more education and courses moving to online, users from all over the world can access to high quality learning 24/7, anytime, anywhere. Your users from different parts of the world could easily find online learning that's suitable for them.
– Productivity & Lifestyle – Get free or discounted software, VPN, live-streaming service, games and many more. There is always something for everybody to meet their lifestyle needs.


Optimise and grow your campaigns

Know how to target the right audience – PanelPlace.com is a marketplace that can be used by a wide variety of people, starting with individuals who would like to explore earning opportunities to parents who would like to improve their child learning.

Therefore, knowing what your audiences like and sending them to the right landing pages would be crucial to help you with conversion.

As always, do get in touch with our team if you have any questions!

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